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Tour Northern India with Janet and meet Spiritual Masters, experience a taste of Ayurveda, visit the Taj Mahal, attend the International Yoga Festival in the spiritual Disneyland of India, Rishikesh!

 Janet's Magical India tour Includes: 

Life-changing - mind-expanding 14-day or 8 day spiritual India tour with Janet and friends
Group meetings with spiritual masters
Learn spiritual techniques to align you with your higher self
Chanting, meditating, creating enlightened alliances by experiencing lots of joy meeting other spiritually like-minded friends from around the world
Janet will also gift you her movie Dialogues With The Masters

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Enrollment Includes lodging, meals, Yoga Festival entrance fee and all ground transportation.

*International round trip flight to Delhi and flight from Delhi to Dehradun round trip  not included. Estimate for Dehradun flight $450.00-$550.00.
* After payment - No refunds after 15 day sign up will be accepted.


Special Bonus

When you enroll, you get direct access to the 1-hour movie: 'Dialogues with the Masters.' Recorded on one of Janet's many journeys to India.

Sitting with these Masters is like sitting in pure love. You can't see their deep level of happiness without being transformed yourself.

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Join Janet in Rishikesh, India for the International Yoga Festival,

The last week we enjoy the International Yoga Festival - you can purchase this week alone.

I want to invite you to an unforgettable event and experience I’ve shared with others that left them awestruck, relaxed, centered, and inspired as they moved through the rest of their year, clear about what they most wanted for their lives and ready to move toward it as it moves toward them.

Attend the International Yoga Festival
The event is the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh, India, March 1-7, on the banks of the sacred Ganges River where the ancient practice of yoga is said to have originated. There you’ll meet kindred spirits from all over the world who have come to be in the presence of revered Saints, Yogis and yoga instructors to learn, deepen a practice and expand their consciousness for the benefit of all. We will stay one more day so we have time to have even more fun, and you can fly home on the 9th. 

Spend time with Janet and share her private villa and go on special excursions.

We’ll stay at a comfortable hotel and also go on excursions into the grandest mountains on earth, the Himalayas, visiting holy men and visit special places that are sure to charge your batteries for the rest of the year. I’ve regarded it as a supreme gift of self-love to spend this time in this way. I know it could be the best gift you could give yourself at this time in your life and our human history.

Join me in India. I can already see us sitting by the great Ganges, watching its great flow as we more fully connect to our own Inner Divine flow!

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