If Your Family Life
Feels Out of Control ...

Let Us Show You How to
Create a Daily Love In That Flows




Dear Mom and Dad -

If you’re done with feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated . . .

If you want to discover how to create effortless flow among family members . . . 

If your family’s vibrant good health is important to you . . .

If your children’s and your own daily happiness is a priority for you . . .

If you’d like tools to bring your family closer and closer, day by day . . .

Then we’ve designed a 2-day, online course specifically for you. 

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  • “We’ve been moved and inspired by the Attwood family. They share their love with each other so beautifully. When we think of the Attwoods we see light, warm hearts, and a steady rhythm filled with smiles and creating a joyful ambience all around them.”

    International Recording Artisits

What You’ll Learn

The Compassionate Family - Tools and Practices for a Connected Family

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As parents, we all want our children to be happy, enjoying a rich, fulfilling life. We share with them everything we know to create that result and yet for too many parents, their children feel lost and confused.

Each of your children was put on this Earth to fulfill a unique and special purpose. This course will teach you how to guide them to discover that purpose and align their lives with that.

You'll learn:

How to create a safe, inspiring environment every day that gives your kids a deep sense of stability
How to listen to your kids’ guidance as they show you how to support them in fulfilling their unique purpose
How to optimize your kids’ health so they have lots of energy to play and are also able to sit or work quietly
How to be fully present with your kids and still get your own work done
How to effectively handle your own irritation, frustration, or overwhelm so you don’t take it out on your kids
  • “The Attwood's are a very special family, a family where there is harmony, spirituality, and peace, all deeply rooted. Most of all what you will find there are the most beautiful children, they are relaxed, creative, polite, intelligent, I feel like they are whole and it's not easy to keep a child's soul intact and guide them to their true potential - Doris and Chris can teach us a lot about that.”

    Sought after midwife

Why Learn From Us?

Our family spans three generations and even includes Chris’ Ex-Wife, Janet Bray Attwood!


Chris Attwood and Janet Bray Attwood have written two NY Times bestselling books on how to discover your passions and the transformative power of ritual.

Nowhere is this knowledge more valuable than with your family.

Why take this course?

  • “I have known Janet, Chris, and Doris for many years. Chris and Doe's beautiful kids are so kind, loving, happy, smart, and very peaceful. I personally call them little angels. I love spending time with all of them. It's always a blessing to be around the entire Attwood family.”

Your Instructors

Let Our Family Spend Two Days With Your Family 

Janet Bray Attwood

Heart-centered global transformational leader and New York Times bestselling author. She’s shared the stage with the Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, Nobel Peace Prize winner, F. W. deKlerk, Lynne Twist, Stephen R. Covey, Zappo’s CEO Tony Hsieh, Jack Canfield, and others. Janet is the creator and leading teacher of The Passion Test, the #1 tool for discovering passion and purpose, as well as the Mastery of Self-Love Certification program. She’s been meditating for over 45 years. Janet is the proud godmother of Sophie Nandini, Tianna, and Chetan.


Chris Attwood

Has started or run more than a dozen companies. With Janet, played a key role in arranging 70% of the interviews for the movie and book, The Secret. Chris is an expert in the field of human consciousness and the understanding of dharma. He’s been meditating for more than 45 years, spent over 10 years in long meditation 8-10 hours a day and studied the Vedic literature of India extensively. He teaches Dharma Explains Why, an online course for living in the flow of life.

Doris (Doe) Kahle-Attwood

Trained as an AyurVedic masseuse and technician, an expert in the field of nutrition and healthy eating, full-time Mom and caretaker of her 82-year old mother. She’s a facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and spent 13 years in long meditation. She has been meditating for 30 years. Doe is the glue that holds our family together with her loving heart and commitment to her family.

What You’ll Learn

Prepare Yourself for a New, Joyful Experience of Family Life

What will you take away from The Compassionate Family Online Course?

How to deal with and manage electronic devices within the family
A transformed relationship with your kids
A new ability to recover quickly when you lose your balance
Communication tools to gain your kids’ happy participation
Daily routines that make family life fun
A system for eating that will ensure everyone is healthy, full of energy, and yet balanced
  • “Doris understands the importance of giving the body what it needs to reclaim health, obvious in how her family is so happy and healthy. The best part is she knows how to make food tasty and healthy so everyone eats it!"

    "I love being around such a connected family. The Atwoods have taken their own advice raising empowered children that are happy, healthy and full of life!”

    Homeschool mom and health coach

What will you get when you participate?

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Two full days of training on March 2 and 9, 2019
- 7 am to 11 am Pacific time, 10 am t0 2 pm Eastern, 4 pm to 8 pm Central European time.

Topics include:

  • Creating daily rituals to bring your family together
  • Daily and seasonal diet recommendations to create healthy delicious food your kids will love
  • Practices to shift in a moment when you feel overwhelmed, exhausted or fed up
  • How to be fully present with your kids
  • Tools to love and appreciate yourself so your love overflows
  • How to transform any challenging moment into a gift
You will also receive a downloadable workbook with instructions and exercises for applying the tools and methods in the course & recommended reading for learning more (including resources for home schooling)
  • “It is seldom you meet a Family that has so much heartwarming and understanding for each other and the World around them as the Attwood Family.

    It is so clear that everyone in the Family thrives with both space for their differences and for everything they share.

    With the lovely Attwood Family, it is always love and profit that you are met with - and not least a sincere interest in people around them.

    I love so much being in their vicinity and learning from their rituals. It feels like the love from within grows in their company.

    Their joy for life with everything it contains is so inspiring, and I can highly recommend anyone, who wants to create Transformation and grow with their family to learn from the amazing Attwood Family.
    Their way of being together and Manifesting, what they want and meeting the World is so very unique.”

    Spiritual Teacher, Denmark

About the Course Fee

What’s It Worth to You to Create a Joy-Filled Family?

It cost us more than $200,000 for the training that has allowed us to gain the knowledge and experience we’ll share with you. But you don’t have to pay that much. :)

One of our passions is to see the world’s families live in harmony and happiness. For that reason, we are offering this course at the special price of just . . .

$197 for yourself and your family (bring your uncles, your aunts, your mother, your father, your sister and brother, your ex-wives and ex-husbands!!!) when you enroll before February 23.

$297 when you enroll between February 24 and March 2.


We feel that every day we wake up in heaven surrounded by angels. We want you to have that experience as well. Please come be with us in February. We’ll teach you how to join us on the path to family heaven.

We can’t wait to be with you!

Doe and Chris, Janet, Sophie Nandini, Tianna, and Chetan.

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  • “Chris and Doris‘ kids are happy kids, but not just that, they are also considerate, co-operative, loving, self-sufficient and in good spirits whatever comes their way. The two girls often come over and it‘s always just a joy to have them. Maybe one could say it like this: with their way of being they touch the hearts of those around them and in turn the people around them react accordingly. I don‘t think one could wish more for one‘s kids.”

    Mother, belly dance teacher and horse lover